CFC 2017/18 PlayPlay - Charity Performance

18:00 - 21:30
18:00 − 21:30
Bali Indonesia

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CFC 2017/18 PlayPlay - Charity Performance,Bali
Following the success of Charcoal for Children’s initial edition of 2016/2017, LagiLagi, together with three celebrated performing artists from three different cities (Papermoon Puppet from Yogyakarta, Kawamura Koheysai from Tokyo, and Monez & Ninus from Bali) is coming back with performances of original plays that will be held in two weekend sessions (2-4 February and 23-25 February 2018) at CushCush Gallery!

THE WHITE WORLD OF SIWA & MALINI (Papermoon Puppet Theater)
This is a story of a place, where everything is forced to be in white color. A story of an old man name Siwa, who tries to keep everything in order, About a little girl name Malini, who would love to celebrate the beauty of colors..And about a little bird that brings the symbol of a freedom.
The White World of Siwa and Malini is an interactive performance, where audiences will be involved in the story. It’s a performance that combines puppetry, shadow play, music, and acts.
This is a story that will bring people to embrace the diversity, that different colors will bring richness in the heart and of course…. Happiness.

Nishioka the monkey and Yamada the frog are sailing to search for a new island, but the storm comes and danages their ship. Nishioka and Yamada fall into the sea, then someone helps them.

SANG KALA (Monez & Ninus)
Talking about Sang Kala (The Time). Bali is divided into 3 parts of time: morning (at dawn), noon (12 P.M.) and sandya kala (at 6 P.M.). At these times, it is believed that the Balinese (children) should not go out or wander to unfamiliar places. There is a myth that believes there will be a memedi (ghost) who would kidnap and bring them to another dimension if they stubborn with the rules.
Telling about a character (child) who forgot time and 'kidnapped' into the dimensions of the monster. In the dimensions of the monster he is not only reminded of this because he also learns many things to correct his bad habits. Because he is aware of his mistakes, he is allowed to return to the human dimension.

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